Monday, March 7, 2016

The End of Cuffing Season

By: John Haizel

As the NBA regular season nears the end, we can already foresee which teams will be in the running for the playoffs.  As the snow melts and cuffing season ends, we  single people must set up our fantasy drafts for another spring of relationships. Will you be the Steph and Ayesha? Or ride the bench like D. Rose?  What’s your roster looking like this year?

San Antonio Spurs/The Old Love
That one person that’s always been there.
An old relationship that usually ended on good terms so a friendship is still there to this day. Nothing’s wrong with this love affair, that person just isn’t the one for you. Nevertheless, you still entertain the idea, trying it again ever so often just to see if this could be the time “it” works, and for all you know it just might be.

Chances of a ring: 60/40: Last time was supposed to be the LAST time. 

OKC Thunder/ The One That Got Away 

Everything was so good. What happened?  Whenever you got close and it felt like this may be the one, an unfortunate turn of events comes along and derails everything.  This person is The Right thing at the wrong time.  A little communication and some work on getting on the same page is all it would take for this team to be a major force, but as history has proven, that is easier said than done.

Chances of a ring: 50/50: Trade deadline 

Cleveland Cavaliers/ Can’t Get It Right

Everything you say you want they have. They seem so perfect, on paper, so what the f*ck is going on? This is one of those relationships where all the attributes seem to be there, but still something’s missing. The foundation just doesn’t seem strong enough. Maybe a humble rebuilding period is just what this franchise needs to appreciate everything it has going right for it, but for now a ring is not likely.

Chances of a ring: 30/70: Take your talents to south beach

NY Knicks/ The One Night Stand

Nothing is going to come from this. This is the type of relationship that’s all looks and no substance. But damn it still looks good!   This team is fun, flashy and exciting most nights. You are guaranteed to have a great game. Unfortunately there is no team chemistry. When the fun is over there is nothing but L’s to be had by all. Enjoy the game but don’t get too comfortable or you’ll get stuck on a bad team wondering how you got there ( no offense Melo)

Chances of a ring: 10/90:  Ask for a trade.

Miami Heat/ The Second Chance

You were pretty great together once upon a time, but all good things must come to an end, right? Not necessarily. This is not the same team you left behind; it has grown into something different and possibly better than before. It evolved and reinvented itself and the time just might be right to get that old thing back. The greatest quality in a champion is the ability to adapt to any situation and no matter what this team is never too far away from the top.  Even if there is a lot to question about this franchise, don’t count them out.

 Chances of a ring: 60/40: Reloaded

Toronto Raptors/ Something New 

Sometimes you just have to try new things. Get out of the comfort zone and meet someone different. Obviously, your old playing style hasn’t gotten you far so shake it up a bit. Going against the norm may be just what you needed to pick a winning franchise. Most of the roster is unproven, but you should never dismiss the underdog.  The ones you don’t expect always have the potential to surprise you. Don’t be afraid to get behind a team even if its “ not your type”. The unpredictability of a wild card makes it that much more interesting.
Take a chance on this franchise you may be surprised.

Chances of a ring: 30/70:  Views from the 6ix 

Golden State Warriors: Mr./ Mrs. Right

Nobody is perfect, or so you thought.  When you meet that person that compliments you completely it’s an amazing feeling.  This is the type of relationship that brings out the best in you by making you want to bring out the best in yourself, the true definition of the word Teamwork.  To meet a person that goes above and beyond your expectations on every level is the ultimate championship. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it actually does.  With the right attitude, this could be something you have never seen before.
Time to make history.

Chances of a ring : 90/10: Steph Curry with the shot, boy

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