Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Men’s Real Guide to Valentine’s Day

Did you have a less than spectacular Valentine's Day? Well, our contributing writer John Haizel thinks he may know the reason why...

The Men’s Real Guide to Valentine’s Day 
By: John Haizel

Ok, let’s get this clear. Men Do Not Care About Valentine’s Day. At all.  Most don’t even start thinking about it until Feb 1 at the earliest, depending on how long the relationship has been going. We don’t care because, lets be honest, the holiday is, in essence, National Women Appreciation Day.

But how should you show your appreciation to your special lady? If you've already showered her with boxes of  Walgreens chocolates, don't beat yourself up, we can always prevent that from happening next  year. Lets break down the chronology behind  Men’s Valentines Day gift giving.

Less than One Month- Do Nothing(  Sorry Ladies)
::Nothing to see here, folks::

One Month

If your relationship falls into this timeframe, it’s still in its infancy.  Waters are still being tested. Fronts still being put up. See this as a time to make a good impression without spending too much money or coming off as too desperate.  Things like a nice dinner, flowers,  a place to talk, possibly a stuffed animal of some species will be what to expect.  Show you care without going overboard.

2-8 Months

The relationship is a thing now.  We’ve gotten a feel for likes and dislikes and we can put some thought into the gift.  At this point effort is going to be put in. Who’s her favorite musician?  Get tickets.  Does she have a favorite Netflix show?  Cook dinner and binge watch.   Her favorite sport? Go to a game and dinner after. This is a key time frame to make a statement.  Thoughtfulness will go a long way.
One Year

This is the big one. The first valentine after 365 days is a milestone.   It will ultimately set the tone for the foundation of your relationship.  Forever. No pressure though. Gifts should be meaningful and something you would want her to have forever.  Whether that be something physical or a memory--- I'd go with both ;-). Something from the heart that represents the celebration of the time spent together so far would be ideal. If it means something to you, it will mean something to her.

2-8 Years

If you’ve made it this long, congrats!  You’re obviously doing something right. Once you've gotten to this point, gifts are going to be all about creativity and effort. Don’t be stagnant, switch it up.  Try to do things that are outside of both of your comforts zones. Travel, road trip, kayak, take her to an indoor skydiving place, etc.  Every couple has those things they have always wanted to do; now is the time to do it. Think outside of the box.
8+ Years

You’ve done it all. Cooked all the meals, gave all the gifts, went to every country your credit card will allow, what else is there to do? It's so easy to fall into conformity and ruts and after being in a
relationship so long coming up with new things can be difficult.  So what do you do? Nothing.  No really, actually take a full day to do nothing. If you are with someone for such a long time you should know this person inside and out. As hectic as life is, sometimes the best gift is just time spent. Try 24 hours with no TV, phone,  kids, or any distractions from the outside world. Reconnect and have real conversations.

People in relationships  often lose touch; this can be a day to really catch up , reconnect with consciousness, and connect with your partner on a deeper level. Use it wisely!

Have a  favorite Valentine’s  Day memory?  Rant Below

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