Monday, December 28, 2015

The Top 5 Dating Apps Worth Downloading!

With just a few days left of 2015, you may want to look in the mirror and say "Self, it's time to try something different." You may be old school when it comes to dating but just like you adapted from the beeper to the cellphone and the "Tv Set" to the flat screen.....I'm sure you can give dating apps a try.

Now, dating apps are not for everyone but they may be the answer for most of us. According to a forum created in 2010, nearly 65% of men said they have "no game" and are afraid to get rejected so they wait until a women approaches them which left the ladies responding....."if he is not man enough to come up and approach me then....he is not the one". Hmmm....wonder how many soulmates we've passed up ladies and gentlemen by thinking like that?

Good thing apps take a little of the embarrassment and shyness away. I've rounded up the top 5 you should download by 2016 and if you get a match and y'all end up marrying.....don't forget to credit TSR *wink, wink* Ha!


I don't see nothing wrong....with a little bump and grind! Ha! Okay, all jokes aside, even though this app is known for "hooking up"; I've personally met couples that have came in contact on the app and are now soon to be married! 

How it works is, you set up your profile and location then start swiping left and right; left if you pass and right if he/she is a keeper! Simple right?


This app is kind of like Tinder, except, the ball is in the female's court. Once matching with someone, a female has to notify the guy within 24 hours or the match is erased forever! It's also cool that the App is you might find a hottie with a accent....I can't speak for all of us but I know how much I love an accent. Oop! 


May be one of the best dating ever! I'd credit the thrill of the app....that's what makes it amazing. This app is a mix between the bachelorette and the dating game, again with this app, the ball is in the females court. 

The female has a Q&A with the guys of her choice and picks one on the strength of their answers. It's cool because at this should know what you want and don't want in a mate; your questions should be based off of that. 


If only you knew your ex was a "F" before you started dating him....he wouldn't be your ex *sigh*. The users grade each others on their profile and behavior....basically it's good at weeding out the creeps and weirdos on the app. 


This app is too genius! It matches you with people you walk by, who are on the same app and then if you both like each other, you can connect! Ever been in a club and been scared to walk up to him or her? Well, now you can just get out your phone and see if you two are on the same page!

There you have it Singles! Get out there and mingle and please...share your dating stories with us! Email

Written by: @LexChappelle


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