Monday, December 7, 2015

PERSONAL RANT: All Men Cheat! Period.

Okay, this week's topic is very controversial. The Singles Rant fifth episode "Do All Men Cheat" which airs this Friday at noon, will be sure to arouse disagreement. Do I think all men cheat? *Bleep* Yes!

No, this is not a "Diary of a mad black woman" but instead a "Diary of a black woman who plays no games and has zero tolerance for nonsense"! I'm not saying that men cheat in EVERY relationship BUT what I am saying is that every man at one point in their life has cheated, point blank period. *Insert ridiculous Dab dance here*

See, I have never caught a man cheating on me but that doesn't mean that it has not happened. What I do know is, I have a lot of guy friends who tell me all of their crazy stories, disclaimer: I'm not proud that my guy friends are dogs, but they've definitely made me aware of all the tricks, lies and schemes out here. I would like to cue the violins for a second....just to give a shout out to all the people that are going to disagree with me and still give men all around the world the benefit of the doubt. Ask your friends "Do all men cheat" and be prepared for their response.

Rant below.

Written by: Lex Chappelle

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  1. thats true!my cheating bastard cheated on me when i was pregnant!he was dating women every month!