Monday, December 21, 2015

I Believe That There Are Still Some Good Men/Women Out There...

Even though it is much easier to blame the reason of why you're single on the fact that there are just no "good ones" left, I'm going to have to call BS!

Fellas, every woman is not out here chasing Instagram followers by getting half naked in front of their bathroom mirrors, worried about popping bottles in the club, and being a groupie to a known entertainer. Also,Ladies, not all men have ill intentions.

Now that that's cleared up. What made me think about this? Well, my 26th birthday is approaching, faster than I would like (I'm getting old),  and I'm questioning why Bae is no where to be found! First, I blamed men. My thoughts are so immature and no ones ready for a relationship...they just want to run around here and sleep with everything that moves!

Pause! The problem is not with the gender you are pursuing but probably with you, what do you think your doing that may be pushing a possible Bae away? For instance, I'm the curve Queen! I shut a guy down before he even tries to talk to me...why? I don't really know, and that's my problem! How am I supposed to get a Bae if I curve every guy that approaches and on top of that I don't go out and mingle and socialize with other singles. JACKPOT! 

 Singles, when are we going to evaluate ourselves and stop putting every man/woman in the same category...I believe that there's someone special out there for each and everyone of us, we just have to find them and when we do...we have to be open to making it work. Chile, because I don't want to be like Kenya from Real man, no life...everything just twirling out of control. Yikes, nightmare! 

Written by: @LexChappelle

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  1. Every man and women are not bad. People dont know exactly what people are they just believe what they see at one people's nature. And that is wrong.