Wednesday, November 11, 2015

You fell in love. Now, what?

Anyone who has ever watched a romantic comedy should know the recipe by now. Boy meets girl, boy chases girl, conflict and drama ensues, boy eventually gets girl. Happy, happy, joy, joy. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a hopeful romantic that still dreams of the fairytale love that Hollywood leads us to believe is waiting at a club or a grocery store or during a coffee mix up at your local Starbucks. Honestly, it would be great if it were that simple.

A question came up during a gossip session with a close friend the other day. We chatted about our current crushes and the people we were dating and then I said, "I wonder what would happen with the rest of my life if I fell in love right now." It seemed like such a superficial thing to even consider but it has me stumped. Up until now I have looked at love as this unseen treasure floating around in the air waiting to be inhaled when I was ready, but, when would I be ready?

When people talk about falling in love, it always seems to be described as this uninvited house guest that knocks down the door and makes themselves at home. But what about all the other things going on in the house? What about the food that's cooking in the kitchen, the episode of Scandal that you just can't miss and the rooms that still haven't been painted yet? What happens to those? I fear that all of my plans will become a distant memory once I fall in love.  The trips I have planned and the quiet moments that I treasure so much may dissolve into thin air once I find Prince Charming.

I've realized that this issue is so bothersome because I tend to stop everything else in my life when I meet someone and halfway like them. The way I go to sleep changes, the daily routine isn't quite complete without thinking of them, and it feels like I've gone through the entire day with wet socks on when I haven't talked to them. I think that's the most crippling part for me when I think about falling in love. The idea that someone else now has dibs on your time, on your choices, on your disposition. As much as I want to find Mr. Right, how do I do it without losing sight of all the things I'm working on?

Where do you find the balance?

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