Monday, November 9, 2015

You Ever Ask Yourself "Why Am I Single?"

At this time in your life everyone is probably getting married, having kids and living the "American Dream" but you, you attend weddings alone and sit on your couch on Sundays and binge watch TV series on netflix. Not trying to make it seem like being single is completely bad but seriously, have you ever asked yourself "Why am I'm single"?

According to Seventeen Magazine's "Why Am I Single" quiz I'm single because, and I quote

"You're Booked!You feel secure in yourself, and your friends and interests fill up most of your time. You don't need a guy to make you feel special. But the kind of person who will make you the happiest when you're ready will probably be someone who appreciates all your passions and who has similar interests, too."

which stroked my ego just a tad bit but if you really analyze my results you'll get the direct answer of "you're too busy for love" huh? The main excuses people tend to give when asked "Why are you single?" by co-workers, friends and family members are "There's no good men/women left" and the all time fav(orite) and go to is "I choose to be". Is that really the truth though? Who really wants to be the third wheel and awkward, lonely friend in the corner all the time when you go places and ALL of your friends have a Bae?

According to studies the real reasons why us singles are single is because we're either too picky, fear competition, used to being isolated and our daily routine or we have low self-esteem. I've personally been single for two years and maybe it is because I'm used to a certain daily routine and focused so much on career development that I tend to isolate myself and to add to what "studies say", I'll also say it may be because I'm stubborn.

When you're in a relationship you have to be ready to compromise and build with someone. My biggest fear is that I will be the one making all of the compromises and still be left with a lackluster love.  We all want that someone who can look right into us, taking the good with the bad and love us anyway. I believe that someone is out there waiting for me and I'm not willing to settle just to have someone to call "bae." That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  I'm eager to know what you're waiting for.

So, Why are you single?

Written by: Lex Chappelle

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