Monday, November 23, 2015

5 Things To Consider Before Bringing Bae Home For The Holidays!

 Singles, don't you just hate the Holidays? Hear me out. When we were younger they were all about seeing distant cousins, grandma's cooking, getting a whole new wardrobe so you can go back to school in the New Year flexing, no bed time, and did I mention....grandma's cooking!!! But as soon as we became an "adult" things got complicated.

Seriously, now when you sit down at the dinner table during Thanksgiving and Christmas it's "Tell me, what's been going on with you? Are you dating anyone?" can't even get a fork in your Aunt Suzy's mac & cheese before the questions start flowing. It's exhausting!

So when you do finally start dating someone and want to bring them home you begin interrogating yourself with questions, "Is it too soon?", "Is he too rough around the edges?", "Will he/she like Aunt Suzy's Mac & Cheese?".  Now instead of hating on the fact that you actually have a potential Bae to bring home this year, here are 5 questions you should ask yourself before you bring him/her home.

1. Did you tell your family about him or her? No one likes surprises and especially during the Holidays! There has been plenty of times that I've personally caught an attitude when someone from the family brings a "newbie" around without notice. Like, excuse me....that is one more mouth to feed...hence, one more fork in Aunt Suzy's mac & cheese.

2. Is your relationship established? Please, Please don't bring Ray-Ray to holiday functions just because he slid in your DM and you decided that you din't want to be lonely for the holidays. Oh and please don't bring Felica because she has an amazing derriere- need I remind you, you've only been dating for a week.

3. Does he or she have manners? *Ask yourself this one twice* Don't get to the dinner table and find out that they don't know how to chew with their mouth closed and more importantly, they forget the basics...."please" and "thank you".

4.Did you introduce him/her to your friends? If you have made it to this question, congrats! Now your friends, well, they'll tell you the truth! Your family, they may sugar coat it slightly because they "only want to see you happy" but your friends....they won't hold their tongue.

5. Do you love him/her? And does he/she love you back? That is the real question!

Written by: Lex Chappelle

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